The way I See my Wines

My motto is: We do not simply make wine, we produce natural wine.

I work with nature, not against it. As it is commonly known by now, quality originates in the vineyard. However, quality can only be as good as its upbringing and its consistency.

What is important to me …

■ peace and observation – that is to say, altering the natural cycle as little as possible

■ I learn from nature every day

■ Nature helps itself – something we have lost sight of. Because nature has a better memory than we have, is older and wiser than we are

But of course, man also has an influence on wine.

Wine is just like the person producing it.

What I want to give my wines also has to do with break-ups. This is what makes them so characteristic and distinctive. When drinking my wines, the following adjectives should come into one’s mind:

■ honest■ characterful
■ steadfast■ puristic
■ consistent■ humorous
■ a bit moody■ hearty
■ stubborn■ pleasurable
■ dry-charming■ provocative

Just decide for yourself whether some of these qualities appeal to you. Then try the wine and see if you like it.

What my wine does not tolerate are permanent grinners, showmen and –girls, con men and other frauds…

Those who learn to love it, will win a friend for a lifetime.

Hello friend, these are the wines we are offering to you.