Grape varieties


Blaufränkisch is a grape variety with strong tannin, a grape variety with character. One of Austria´s few red wine grape varieties qualified for the production of world-class wines. The best vineyards of this grape are located in

■ Mittelburgenland, on heavy clayey soils
■ the hilly country around Neusiedlersee, on partly chalky, but also slate soils
■ Südburgenland, on the Eisenberg

This is why we have chosen regions with 38 to 80 year-old vineyards and a perfect microclimate. So, we have chosen vineyards in the areas of Deutschkreutz, Pöttelsdorf and Jois.


Blauburgunder is the diva amongst the red wine grape varieties. It stretches each producer to the limit. Very moody, sometimes difficult, it reacts extremely sensitively to the interaction of soil, microclimatic conditions and human influences as well as to the interventions by the cellar master. So, an extreme challenge for the person dealing with this grape. Since I am always looking for a challenge, I take it up. When searching for the proper soil, microclimate, the perfect vine material and high differences in temperature during the ripening period in the immediate surroundings of Höflein I once again made a find in Neusiedl and Jois. One part is located on the barren gravelly soils of the Parndorfer Platte, the other part on the slate soils with views of the Neusiedlersee.


One of the underestimated white wine varieties in the world, always overshadowed by Chardonnay. One of the most traditional grape varieties in the wine-growing region of Neusiedlersee. Weißburgunder shows more finesse and elegance than Chardonnay. Its elegance, but also its strength is underlined by the slaty, fresh and airy north-facing hillside location in Jois. A hobbyhorse of Jörg Bretz.

Grüner Veltliner:

The classic Austrian white wine variety. A very robust grape variety suitable for producing everything from light drinking wines to hearty meal accompaniments with ageing potential to ice wine. Therefore, a must in our product range, with the aim of carrying this grape variety into the world. The cultivated vineyards of this grape variety are located on quartz-bearing slate soils in Neusiedl/Jois.