My Wines

During my internships and at my different workplaces I was confronted with many wine cultures and over time I developed my very own way of seeing wine and the enjoyment of wine. Especially in the Mediterranean region wine is not a mere luxury good. It is a beverage for every day. A glass or a bottle of wine with a meal is obligatory. Wine is a natural companion through life.

So, the decision to produce wine for any situation and mood was just a small step for me.

Everyone produces young drinking wines. But here I differ, I produce:

■ Natural, uncomplicated, not too young drinking wines

■ Natural, matured all-rounders to accompany meals

■ Natural wines with great storage potential

From the white varieties: Grüner Veltliner, Weißburgunder and Chardonnay
and the red varieties: Blaufränkisch and Blauburgunder

Since 2005 my wines have been produced from my own vineyards. Earlier I bought grapes and wines from the best regions of Burgenland, which were accurately controlled and processed by myself.